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Autumnal Activities You'll Enjoy in the St Andrews area

Autumnal Activities You'll Enjoy in the St Andrews area

St Andrews is a beautiful Scottish town that most people will have heard of, but may not know that much of. St Andrews has a thriving town centre with a well-established tourism base that makes for a wonderful place to visit.

Although St Andrews is full of wonderful scenery throughout the year autumn is a particularly fantastic season to visit St Andrews. Here are five activities that St Andrews has to offer the budding tourist.

St Andrews boasts beautiful grounds1) St Andrews Golf course:

No article about activities you can enjoy in St Andrews would be complete without talking about the famous St Andrews course. This course is highly esteemed in the golfing world that it has hosted The Open 29 times, more times than any other course. The Open is one of the most prestigious tournaments in golf showing the calibre of course that St Andrews is.

The course has a different feel to it during autumn, but a warm and inviting one. The course landscapes look amazing in autumnal colours and is a must visit during a trip to St Andrews for any golf fan.

2) St Andrews beaches:

Depending on how willing you are to brave the cold, St Andrews has luxury beaches to offer a tourist. The most popular of its beaches is West Sands, famous for featuring in the opening scenes of the film Chariots of Fire.

Two miles of uninterrupted beauty allow for amazing views of this famous beach. Also on the walk you can see fantastic views of the famous St Andrews course that the beach backs off.

Historic slab from St Regulus church

Historic slab from St Regulus church

3) St Regulus Church

A fantastic activity to partake in is visiting St Regulus church. The church has a 108­foot tower offering an amazing view of the breath-taking town centre of St Andrews. There is no better place to see the surroundings on offer. As well as the view St Regulus is a beautiful church in its own right. If religion and history are two qualities of an activity you look for then St Regulus is perfect for you.

4) St Andrews University

A university might not seem an obvious place to go and visit, however, the history of St Andrews University is astounding. Teaching began at this prestigious university in 1410. However, a papal bull officially credited St Andrews University in 1413. Not many universities can boast being over 600 years old.

The age of the university is reflected in its architecture and grounds making it a must see. Tours are often allowed across the university so getting on one of these tours is a fantastic opportunity to see the university. As well as being so historically rich the University is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world showcasing it’s belong at the elite level of world universities.

5) St Andrews Castle

Although the remains of St Andrews Castle are only ruins there are picturesque views of the North Sea from the castle. The original castle dates back all the way to the late 12th century again showing how much history St Andrews offers a tourist. During autumn the castle is at its beautiful best, a fantastic activity to enjoy during autumn or at any time of the year.


St Andrews is an amazing town that for its size offers so much more than most would expect. If you want to visit one of the world’s best golf courses, then St Andrews can offer this and so much more. Why not visit St Andrews and see all the history it has to offer you?


Image Credits: Waddi Waddij and Eileen Bell

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