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Five of the Best Reasons St Andrews is Famous Worldwide

Five of the Best Reasons St Andrews is Famous Worldwide

St Andrews is a popular visitor attraction both with UK citizens but also with international tourists. We examine why St Andrews is so popular with international tourists and provide five reasons that have made St Andrews famous worldwide.

1) Religion – St Andrew the Apostle

The Town of St Andrews owes its name to St Andrew the Apostle. Legend has it that some of the bones of St Andrew the Apostle were brought to St Andrews. The town name was renamed from Kilrymont to St Andrews as a claim to fame that this event occurred in history.

2) The Home of Golf

It’s an obvious claim to fame but no article of this type would be complete without saying “St Andrews is the home of Golf”. The town is more famous for golf than anything else!

Administration of golf globally (apart from the USA and Mexico) is from St Andrews. The course holds the Open Golf Championship more frequently than any other course. Bunkers were created for the first time at St Andrews.

Many tens of thousands of people flock globally to St Andrews each year to play a round (or two) of golf.

One of the buildings at St Andrews University

One of the buildings at St Andrews University

3) St Andrews University

St Andrews is famous for its university, which was given full university status by Pope Benedict XIII in 1413.

St Andrews is the third oldest University in the English speaking world (with only Oxford and Cambridge being older). St Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland and ranks as the third best university in the UK (once again only behind Oxford and Cambridge).

There are many famous Alumni of the University, Prince William and Kate Middleton met here. There are thousands of famous Alumni of the university a couple of examples include Alex Salmond and Edward Jenner.

St Andrews University is very popular with international students with 38% of all students being international; this was the 4th highest proportion of all UK universities.

4) Be at One with Nature

The St Andrews area is a haven for wildlife and visitors internationally travel to the area to view wildlife.

Cameron Reservoir has the internationally respected Special Protection Area (SPA) status. It’s a haven for waterfowl in particular with an important population of pink footed geese.

The Eden Estuary is a wildlife haven with important stocks of brown trout and Atlantic salmon, which attracts a fair number of seals and a range of other marine animals, all of which can be viewed from nearby local beaches.

Some of the scenes from the film Chariots of Fire were filmed at West Sands, St Andrews

Some of the scenes from the film Chariots of Fire were filmed at West Sands, St Andrews

5) Sandy Beaches

There are three main beaches in the St Andrews area, these attract visitors internationally. The beaches are all sandy and are East Sands, West Sands and Tentsmuir Sands.

East Sands – This beach has lots of facilities and many water-sports activities. It’s very much worth a visit when in St Andrews. Water quality is a problem at this beach with just a two star rating.

West Sands – Famously this beach featured in the film “Chariots of Fire”. The beach is one of the sunniest and driest places in the UK! There are lots of water-based activities for which there is a lifeguard service. All the facilities imaginable are here, the water quality is lower though with a three star rating.

Tentsmuir Sands – This is a well-known beach with family-friendly activities such as donkey rides and fishing. With cafes, restaurants, toilets and five star water quality the beach has a lot to offer.

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Image Credits: Eileen Bell and Sara Oliver

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