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St Andrews University Climbs 25 Places to 86th Best University in the world

St Andrews University Climbs 25 Places to 86th Best University in the world

Swilcan Bridge on the St Andrews Old CourseSt Andrews has long been considered a prestigious university ranking highly amongst the world’s elite universities. Teaching began at the university in 1410. However, it was founded technically in 1413 with a papal bull. St Andrews University is a major part of the St Andrews town centre.

This trend continues further as St Andrews University has just been ranked 86th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015­2016 list. That is the highest position St Andrews University has ever achieved and this is due to a variety of reasons.

To gain a perspective of this achievement for St Andrews University 86th in the world puts them in the top 0.5% of universities worldwide. For a university in a small corner of Scotland, this is a phenomenal achievement. On top of a world-leading university, St Andrews also has world class tourism.

Possibly St Andrews is most famous for its fabled golf course. The St Andrews golf course is one of the world’s elite courses hosting The Open on no less than 29 occasions. The Open is one of golf’s four major tournaments showcasing how good a course St Andrews is. Golf is in the blood of St Andrews with the first game of golf there being played as long ago as 1400.

An important aspect of a town to consider whenever you are looking at a place you would like to visit or more so go to university at is the transport. St Andrews has a fantastic pedigree in terms of both its’ university and tourism so it has a well-established transport system.

St Regulus ChurchSt Andrews is a far smaller town than most people think being only one mile across in size. Therefore, travel by foot or bicycle is a brilliant way of getting around. For students and tourists alike this is a cheaper way of travelling across this beautiful town.

Buses and taxis are two more viable forms of travel available with both being a very efficient way of travelling across St Andrews. There is plenty of car parking in the town centre as well to help those with cars.

History is always a major positive for tourism and St Andrews has a lot of pedigree with its historical roots. St Andrews town centre still has a medieval feel maintaining its cobbled streets and narrow alleys you would have found many centuries ago. There is a beauty to this style of architecture and this attracts many tourists and students to the town.

St Andrews has a castle that is possible to go and visit as a tourist along with a now ruined cathedral and the famous church of St Regulus. St Regulus church boasts a giant 108 foot tower that offers stunning views of the surrounding scenery, a must see for any tourist.



It is clear to see that St Andrews as a town offers so much to tourists and students. St Andrews also hosts many fine bed and breakfasts to stay at during your time here.

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